Lev. 18.5- The Devil’s Armor

Paul, as a Pharisee, recognized the promise of eternal life in Lev. 18.5 before he was a Christian and sacrificed as needed to keep his slate clean in anticipation of the resurrection. Thus Heb. 2.15 speaks of those in slavery to death (all the obligations of observance such as Sabbaths, 3 Yearly feasts, dietary restrictions, and further. Heb.2.14 argues that Christ’s purpose was render the devil powerless. He could accuse any for falling short especially if they didn’t fast and give the half shekel yearly on the Day of Atonement where sins were remembered yearly (Heb. 10.1-3).

This is the “Stronger man” of Lk. 11.22. Also, Col. 2.14-15 speaks of the debt of obligation which, taken away, leaves the adversary powerless.

Therefore, when looking at Paul’s use of our verse in Rom. 10.4, the end of the Law is Christ because He kept it perfectly as under the Law and God raised Him from the dead. People seeking salvation by trying to keep the Law have a burden that is impossible to bear and, and also, was only the shadow of greater realities in heaven.  (Gal.3 Paul uses the same argument). Notice what Jesus claims in Jn. 8.26- “Which of you can prove me guilty of sin?” The man Jesus was sinless and so was granted eternal life, and, as the second Adam, gives it to us.

Author: Alex Krause

Education: BA, M.Div., BBA Profession: Carpenter (retired)

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