Why is the Bible so Mysterious?

This topic of the use of parables or cryptic revelation in the text has been on my mind for a long time. It seems to me redemptive revelation needs to be cryptic for several reasons, not all of them apparent. Much of the O.T. is parabolic as was much of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus explained to His disciples why He spoke in parables but His answer may have been partial since it only dealt with “why He spoke to people.”

Immediately after the fall the language turns metaphorical in the curse on the serpent: the Seed of the woman will have his heel crushed (substitutionary atonement at the cross) while the serpent and his seed will be crushed in a future setting.

During the temptation of Jesus, the devil quoted scripture of this promised Seed and angelic protection. The devil understood the Genesis curse since in that section the next thing is about trampling on the (false) lion and serpent (Ps.91.12). The devil is quite interested to know about his demise and how he can thwart individual’s and humanity’s redemption, I believe.

Eph. 3.9-10: and to enlighten everyone about God’s secret plan—a secret that has been hidden for ages in God who has created all things. The purpose of this enlightenment is that through the church the multifaceted wisdom of God should now be disclosed to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly realms.

3 thoughts on “Why is the Bible so Mysterious?

    1. Well yes, but my point was of a larger audience than what we think. We think ‘it is all about us’ (humans), when the text says the audience is larger than humans. Hence my point of “why” the Bible is mysterious in some parts.


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