First Prophecy

(Picture Courtesy British Museum. The clay impression [my caption Gen. 3.15] is of a 2nd millenium B.C. cylinder seal from the northern fertile crescent. The seal depicts a dominant man trampling a dragon, a subordinant man following, and a woman picking fruit from a tree. This seal, I believe, portrays the prophecy of the Christ given before the foundation of the world.) Often Christians have … Continue reading First Prophecy

Crucified skeleton found near Jerusalem

Originally posted on Ferrell's Travel Blog:
The Romans were adept at crucifixion, according to many historical sources. The first archaeological evidence of crucifixion was uncovered in 1978 [1968; see comments] when an ossuary (bone box, or receptacle) was found north of Jerusalem containing the bones of a man who had been crucified. His name was “Yehohanan, the son of Hagakol.” He is thought to… Continue reading Crucified skeleton found near Jerusalem

The Burning and Shining Lamp: John the Baptist

John the Baptist Jesus used the figure of an oil lamp to speak about the revelation and ministry of John the Baptist. In responding to those Jews who opposed Him, Jesus claimed John’s witness: “You sent a delegation to John, and he testified to the truth. Although I don’t accept human testimony, I say these things so that you can be saved. John was a … Continue reading The Burning and Shining Lamp: John the Baptist