Early “molded type” lamp


Here is another molded lamp that is a bit worse for wear or was buried in a way so as to obscure some of its features. As I mentioned, these devices were ubiquitous as most folks would readily need lighting during the absence of natural illumination.

Proverbs 31:18, speaking of the excellent woman, says that “her lamp does not go out at night,” referring to her industriousness. Verse 15 speaks of her getting up before first light to start her duties in taking care of her household. So a lamp would be required both at night and early in the morning.

Also, in Ecclesiastes a man is told to hedge his bets in his vocational life: “In the morning plant your seeds. In the evening keep your hands busy. You don’t know what will succeed. It may be one or the other” (11:6 NIRV). This passage instructs the reader to diversify their efforts since the future is unclear. This was the typical practice of the Jewish males, in particular, as seen by the Apostle Paul, in that he was “instructed at the feet of Gamaliel,” as a rabbi, yet his vocation was the production of tents as is seen when he met Aquila and Priscilla at the Jewish tentmakers’ guild (Acts 18:2, 3). All these efforts would employ the use of oil lamps whether the work was before dawn or after sunset.

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