John Piper, Social Justice Dilittante

To be a public Christian without really knowing about social issues is a display of willful ignorance. Piper sticks his head in the sand by claiming “he knows nothing” about these issues relying on Wikipedia for answers. Does the call of God not require analyzing social issues affecting society?

He frames the issue as one of danger because “upsurge of cannabis-infused drinks on sale for anybody wherever they have them.” This is a deceptive statement meant to alarm unsuspecting people who listen to his advice. This is true for only the black market which he isn’t speaking about. Legally, Cannabis is highly regulated and labeled. By creating such a false narrative he is trying to steer opinion to what he thinks best, but his claim is that he knows little or nothing about it. So, he doesn’t know about the issue (except Wikipedia) but thinks (mystically?) that Cannabis is a bad idea?

Piper is using politics in a sly way. He is not openly appealing to the bible or Christian conscience. Notice, the issue is “urgent.” If the issue is so urgent, then he is untrue in his statement that he knows nothing about it. This is bothering him, greatly, it seems. Is he frustrated that the bible defends God’s wisdom through what He gave us?

Is Piper biased when he displays such a skewed list of Christian response to God-given substances? Why does he leave out Rom. 14.22-23? Is he, by his method, teaching other Christians to approach the bible as merely finding rules to obey to find acceptance with God? It’s one thing “to try to find out what pleases the Lord” and quite another for one’s religion to devolve into self-righteousness. I believe a danger exists with such a method.

Proscription of God’s good creation gifts must necessarily be the work of Satan. One of the primary works of Jesus was to free us from accusation from the writ that stood against us (Col. 2.14-15): Jesus’ triumph over the devil. The devil used the “ministry of condemnation” to imprison God’s people. The Good News sets free according to Acts 13.39-41 and gives warning about presuming on how God is working (see Habakkuk).

The anti-drug laws are demonic and are recreating a forbidden fruit. Therefore, by creating a false law regarding God’s good gifts, and since humanity’s existence post-fall is sinful, it sets people up to fail (out of favor) and thus be ineffective. Jesus nailed good rules that opposed us to His cross and thus nullified accusation by the devil. Now the devil wants to set up bad laws that accuse us all over again, with one crucial difference, they are his laws.

Nicotine, Amphetamines, and Holy Concentration | Desiring God

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