Top Ten Discoveries Related to the Book of Daniel

Here is a nice write up of historical evidence of Daniel and his text (the book of “Daniel” in the bible). I firmly support the 6th c. BCE timeframe of both the miraculous history and prophecies of the book. In addition to the following reblogged post, I add two of my own lines of evidence for Daniel’s authenticity. 1. Jesus would not have referenced Daniel (Mt. 24.15, Mk. 13.14) if the book was not the truth and accepted as such during the 2nd Temple era. 2. Jesus quoted part of Daniel 7.13 (and Ps.110.1) when questioned by Caiaphas (Mt. 26.62-65, Mk. 14.63): But I say to all of you: From now on you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven (Mt. 26.64b NIV). Upon hearing Jesus’ reply, Caiaphas tore his clothes (vs. 65). Therefore, the texts that Jesus quoted was considered the best indicators for the Messiah since the High Priest wouldn’t have torn his clothes for anything less. If Daniel was recently written in the 2nd c. BCE, it would not have the credibility attached to it by the people, Jesus, or the High Priest.

Top Ten Discoveries Related to the Book of Daniel — Bible Archaeology Report

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Discoveries Related to the Book of Daniel

      1. Alex sorry I read it as “two posts” but yes I think your point about Jesus and NT use of Daniel hint they see a “conservative” view of the book of Daniel including it being Canon and suggesting earlier dating


      2. I see the text implying very strong beliefs far exceeding “hints of a conservative view” and “suggesting earlier dating.” Sometimes the implicit conveys truth as much as the explicit. The words of the Master and the action of Caiaphas speak volumes to me. I think these two arguments are stronger than the physical evidences of the artifacts. Again, this is a personal decision on my part and everyone will have to make their own determination.

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