James Tour’s Devotional Practices

The devotional contrasts between Rabbinic Jews and Messianic Jews

The bible promises (Jer. 31.31-34) that a time will come when individual believers will be taught of God. This is implicit in Jeremiah since no longer will they need human teachers. Jesus referred to this promise in John 6.45. Some try to find the quote in the Psalms but Jesus clearly says “in the Prophets.” I believe it was Raymond Brown who contended in our generation that 1Jn. 2.20, 27 definitively fulfills Jer. 31.34. The devotional practices of reading through the bible gives a total view of the Redemption Story if the reader is paying attention. The sacrifices throughout the text speak of the need for a substitute Redeemer since no one can be pure in themselves. Prayer and bible reading deepen the believer’s relationship with God. Also, experiential knowledge of God is had by building godly disciplines in faith (see 2Pet. 1.5-11). As we try to continually add these qualities we will very often fail but our Friend guides us to further success. This is how we know Him better. The text clearly says “increasing measure” or “abounding” this means we will never achieve perfection but are being transformed into ever-increasing likeness to The Perfect One. This is the epignosko of 2Pet. 1.8 which is a different word than 1.5. This word speaks of an intimate knowledge like knowing a person as contrast to knowing about a person. Obviously both kinds of knowledge is necessary.

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