Evangelicals, guns, and church and state in the Early Republic

Having just returned from visiting Israel’s sites and museums, I have never felt safer while in a country. Soldiers and plain-clothed individuals carrying submachine guns were abundant almost everywhere. Perhaps the solution to societal safety in America could be soldiers with guns among the public as well as open carry by more individuals.

Also, when I worked as a carpenter no one was ever bullied. Everyone had tool belts arrayed with potentially deadly weapons. The people on the worksites were always respectful and polite, no doubt in large part, because everyone was armed to the teeth.

The relationship between guns, church and state, and religion at large in the American order have become prominently debated topics in society and in American politics in the Twenty-First Century. Although it may seem strange to American Evangelicals in 2022, 19th Century ministers regularly preached to men carrying guns. Politicians and military figures in the…

Evangelicals, guns, and church and state in the Early Republic — Ad Fontes

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