Do We Still Believe in Sola Scriptura?

Here is an article by Sam Waldron with which I substantially agree. The early centuries of Christian development were mainly marked with fighting aberrant doctrines of the deity. However, some doctrines these Christians failed to appreciate. They, for lack of a better word, perverted the mode and meaning of baptism, along with The Lord’s Supper.

From the scriptures, it is clear to see both Christian Baptism and The Supper are testimonials, or public demonstrations by the participants. Neither baptism nor The Supper are gracious; that is, neither supply grace by their observance. Instead, in The Supper, the worshipper both remembers and proclaims the death of Christ. In the bible, baptism followed conversion and strictly involved submersion in water, demonstrating the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. These ordinances function as a Christian witness instead of a means of grace. Christians are not receiving something but giving something: a testimony of identification with Jesus.

Do We Still Believe in Sola Scriptura? | Sam Waldron — Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

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