Truth Standing in the Way of Ramses’ News Agenda

According to the Merneptah Stele Israel was already in Canaan during Merneptah’s rule (died 1215 BCE). This lends credence to the earlier date of the Exodus in about 1440 BCE.

Also, nowhere in the bible does it say that Pharaoh died in the Red Sea pursuing Israel. The text only states that it was Pharaoh’s army and thus his prestige that was conquered (see Ex. 14,15).

Peter Feinman notes the bias in Egyptian Studies: “None of these Egyptologists seem to have considered the possibility that Ramses claimed success in the Exodus just as he had at Kadesh … or to recognize that portions of his claim of victory at Kadesh were composed after his failure in the Exodus as well. Come to think of it, neither do biblical scholars.”

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