Ancient Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals

Gen. 3.15 Cylinder Seal?

Above I have posted a seal impression from the British Museum which seems to be no longer accessible. The pixel count of the above image is much less than the original displayed content. If I am correct on my take of the scene, it refers to the judicial promise/curse of Gen.3.15. Notice the woman picking the fruit while the kingly Messiah tramples the serpent leading humanity to victory.

I contend this biblical promise is referenced in Gen. 4.1 when Eve mistakenly thought she gave birth to the Messiah. Also, I contend Gen. 3.15 is the redemptive origin of the blood sacrifice, the eternal covenant fulfilled by Christ who had His heal pierced by the deadly viper at the crucifixion. The symbolism of blood sacrifice also frames the story of Cain and Abel. It seems that Cain had a first-born animal he was unwilling to sacrifice and brought fruits of the ground instead.

Also, it seems the chaos of God’s original creation brought on by dark forces (Gen. 1.2) was not chargeable since no overt command was broken. Gen. 3.15 provides the judicial sentence upon the serpent since the human couple had died to God (Jn. 5.24, 1 Jn. 3.14, Eph. 2.1, Col.2.13, et al). In Jn. 8.44 Jesus tells us that the devil was a murderer and liar from the beginning giving the rationale for the judicial sentence in Gen. 3.15.

Here is a story from Aramco World featuring The Morgan Library & Museum holder of the world’s largest collection of ancient cylinder seals. The article is very fascinating as is the video which can be found by clicking the “video tab” in the top register.

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