J. I. Packer on John Owen

If you read nothing else, read J. I. Packer’s introduction to John Owen’s work: The Death of Death in the Death of Christ. If a person is struggling in their walk with Christ, the contents of Packer’s essay will save this person much time to find the glorious truth of Christ’s power. As a testimonial, I spent too many years wandering in the wilderness not clear on the nature of the gospel. Perhaps, the best remedy is to read and study the whole bible, prayerfully and consistently. The Spirit will teach His saints the truth from its pages.

The issue at hand is whether Christ merely died for all and that man chooses Him verses that Christ, in magnificent power, brings the sinner to Himself. Packer also gives some guidelines on how to read Owen. It is a relatively long essay, by today’s standard, but profitable as it is long. Packer uses no extraneous words.

I have written contra Owen in a post about understanding what exactly a covenant is. I stand by what I wrote. One can be in agreement in parts with other Christians since no Christian is infallible.

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