Abandoning Triumphalist Christianity

Abraham Kuyper used to inspired me as he inspires many idealistic Christians today. Kuyper was a Neo-Calvinist who wanted to redeem society. However, the history of the church and Jean Calvin held to the Two Kingdom view where believers were in the Redemptive Kingdom and society, along with the redeemed, formed the Common Kingdom. The redeemed operate in two realms and belong to both while the unsaved belong only to the Common Kingdom.

Therefore, in my mind, Calvinism: good; Neo-Calvinism, not so much. And one doesn’t need to accept the whole kit and caboodle of other teachings often closely aligned with Calvinism such as all the notions of Covenant Theology.

Examining the life and work of those whom the Master sent out to disciple the nations we see no call to transform society in the New Testament. Absolutely none. Its liberating to serve only Christ and to trust Him to deal with His creation.

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