Scholar Folly

N.T. Wright (some call him N.T. Wrong) claims that scholarly focus should be on the literature of Jesus’ time. I counter because Jesus appealed consistently to promises found in the text of scripture long ago written (at His time) and not to the faulty ideas circulating during His time. Jesus, instead, refuted many of the popular notions such as: 1. Wealth indicating divine favor. 2. Beneficence of Abraham extending to his descendants. There are more examples.

Also, Jesus had to correct His own disciples who were dedicated followers because of their misunderstanding of the fuller picture and attendant mystery (the need for the two offices-High Priest and King to be joined in one person). The best way, in my opinion, to understand Jesus and His incarnation is to more fully understand the Law, Prophets, and Psalms (Lk. 24.44).

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