I Apologize

When we hear the word “apology” today it is always tied to the idea of conceding fault, at least in American vernacular. However, in New Testament times, the word from which we derive “apology” meant virtually the opposite it does today.

In Acts 22.1, Paul uses apologia when giving his defense before the king. He is not apologizing in the modern American sense of the word but explaining and giving sound reasons for his faith and subsequent actions.

1Peter 3.15 exhorts all Christians to “set apart Christ as Lord in their heart and be ready always to give an answer (apologian) to anyone who asks you of the hope you possess.”

Reasoning (Apologetics) doesn’t have to be just facts and information the Christian stores up at the ready, as the verse says, “sanctify Christ as Lord in your heart.” There is a vertical dimension that must first be established and the relationship thriving as the apostle indicates prior to commanding them to be ready to give an answer. Likewise, Peter says the horizontal relationship toward the inquirer must be with respect and in gentleness. So defending  and contending for the faith is accomplished by God’s ability and with the utmost respect. Have you apologized to anyone today?


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