This One Bone Is The Only Skeletal Evidence For Crucifixion In The Ancient World

Kristina Killgrove, a bioarcheologist at the University of West Florida, discusses Roman crucifixion and the singular evidence which remains to our day.

This striking evidence gives credence to the promise of Gen. 3.15 referring to Christ’s sacrifice for humanity: “and he (the serpent) will pierce your heal.” A bite from a serpent was understood to be a death strike in the ancient world. However, a resurrection was inferred since the primary judgement was pronounced on the serpent: “and He shall crush your head.” This was also a death blow which is still pending until the full number of humans are saved from eternal judgement.

When God gave the Mosaic Law it provided the promise: “Do this and you will live.” Since no one (except Jesus) could keep it perfectly, the sacrificial system was in place to witness to Christ’s final sacrifice which the worshiper, by faith, could find refuge. Since Christ did keep the Law’s requirements He could rise from death and so provide eternal life to all who believe.

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