Here is a lamp with the X (chi), p (rho) symbol. The previous lamp had the p (rho) symbol reversed. These letters are an abbreviation of the word Christos (anointed) or Christ. Messiah in the Jewish tongue refers to an “anointed one” and Christos in Greek is the translation. The New Testament  was all written in the Greek language. The Old Testament is written in both Hebrew and Aramaic while the Greek translation of the Old Testament  produced about 250 B.C.E. is known as the Septuagint and designated LXX (70).

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    1. There are glitches with WordPress. I see two pictures in the post but only one appears in the editor. In other words, I tried to delete the 2nd image (when I initially posted) but it seems to persist. The other picture in the post that I was referring to is the previous posting where the oil lamp and symbol is different. I realize your confusion in viewing this single post with two images. I will continue to try and fix it.


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