Upon This Rock I will Build My Church – Matthew 16: 13-19

Various Views of the Rock Many Christians, since before the time of the Great Church Councils of the 4th Century, have believed that Jesus has built the Church on Peter’s ministry. Some Protestants, Baptists particularly, believe Christ’s Church is built on Peter’s confession. Other Protestants believe “the rock” upon which the Church is built is Jesus since the bible speaks of Christ as the cornerstone … Continue reading Upon This Rock I will Build My Church – Matthew 16: 13-19

Combating Puritanical Narrowness

Yesterday, I posted about narrow theological allegiance. Today, I take issue with overly puritanical narrowness. Merely knowing the bible on a superficial basis along with an anachronistic viewpoint, where interpreting biblical narratives through the lens of our own culture, is distinctly dangerous. Historically, in Christian America, alcohol use has been greatly proscribed as an evil with most Protestants being teetotalers. Only one time have I … Continue reading Combating Puritanical Narrowness

The Two Sides of Christian Intolerance

The intolerance to which I refer is the perceived Christian intolerance which has been unabated from various quarters from Christianity’s inception. The charge, with its fear, raises its voice from time to time to claim Apostolic Christianity is overly “narrow.” This is an unfounded fear or perhaps one is really outside the bounds. Then the person who is charging intolerance is the one who is … Continue reading The Two Sides of Christian Intolerance

From Before the Foundation of the World – Part 2

In the previous post, I noted how Gen. 3.15 spoke of The Redeemer having His heal pierced in death. When God announced the heal piercing, during The Judgment after the Fall, it constituted a promise and therefore a certainty that He would redeem humankind. This piercing of the heal happened already as was mentioned at Calvary. God committed to its fulfillment when He announced it … Continue reading From Before the Foundation of the World – Part 2

From Before The Foundation of the World Part 1

The first instance of the use of the phrase “the foundation of the world” occurs in Matthew’s account at 13.34-35: Jesus spoke all these things in parables to the crowds; he did not speak to them without a parable. This fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet: “I will open my mouth in parables, I will announce what has been hidden from the foundation of the world” (NET). … Continue reading From Before The Foundation of the World Part 1

Difference in Style between 1&2 Peter

Jerome (On Illustrious Men 1) writing about 400 C.E. noted that some Christians of his day rejected the epistle of 2 Peter as canonical due to its difference in style with 1 Peter. This discrepancy of expression may be accounted for if a co-author of 1 Peter is recognized. The Second Epistle of Peter is probably his native style while his first letter was written … Continue reading Difference in Style between 1&2 Peter

The Gates of Hell

In response to the charge that He was casting out demons by the power of the Devil, Jesus deftly provided clear reasoning of what His ministry consisted: So he called them and spoke to them in parables: “How can Satan cast out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom will not be able to stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house will not … Continue reading The Gates of Hell

Study Tips

Students (we all are students who need to keep learning about God and His creation) should be familiar with the 5 “Ws”- Who, What, When, Where, Why. There is more: “How” (what way, what means) “How much” (to what extent). Also, an elaboration of “Why”, further significance to fundamental meaning beyond a pedestrian “reason, motive.” God wants us to meditate on His word. Ps.1 says … Continue reading Study Tips

God’s Greatness in Relation to His Goodness – Johnathan Edwards

“In Christ infinite greatness and infinite goodness meet together, and receive luster and glory one from another. His greatness is rendered lovely by his goodness. The greater anyone is without goodness, so much the greater evil. But when infinite goodness is joined with greatness, it renders it a glorious and adorable greatness. So, on the other hand, his infinite goodness receives luster from his greatness.” Continue reading God’s Greatness in Relation to His Goodness – Johnathan Edwards

Production of the New Testament Text

Here is an overview of Greek paleography and and early printing (copying). It is also an excursus of linguistics and philology. This post reveals the punctilious care employed across the spectrum of time and places in producing the text even in instances where the meaning was not affected but only differences in spelling and accentuation. Observing this extraordinary effort of conformance and accuracy instills deep … Continue reading Production of the New Testament Text