Bible Word Studies (Greek)

In a post reviewing an intermediate grammar the reviewer notes the authors’ guidance towards the exercise: Prioritize Synchrony over Diachrony – here the importance of contemporary meaning and semantic shift is highlighted, along with the dangers of the etymological fallacy (i.e., thinking the history of a word’s meaning has any necessary link to the word’s current meaning – it doesn’t). Do Not Confuse Words and Concepts … Continue reading Bible Word Studies (Greek)

Jewish Rabbis and Gen. 3.15

[Apology for the formatting-it seems the software has undergone a change in the platform (WordPress) rendering it onerous to editing] Here is an illuminating study highlighting some history of how Rabbis approached Gen. 3.15 and Gen. 4.1. I knew that Gen. 4.1 was a reference back to the Promise in 3.15 but didn’t know all the issues of the grammar. HaDavar Ministries has a good … Continue reading Jewish Rabbis and Gen. 3.15

Hurtado Engages Wright

I’ve now uploaded the pre-publication form of my essay in a recent volume engaging N.T. Wright’s massive two-volume work on the theology of Paul, my essay focusing on Wright’s claim that the theme of “YHWH’s return to Zion” functions as “the catalyst” for Christology in the New Testament. The upload is available here. I’ve mentioned […] via YHWH’s “return to Zion” — Larry Hurtado’s Blog A fascinating … Continue reading Hurtado Engages Wright