Another Allusion to Gen. 3.15

Gen. 3.15 can be seen as the theme verse for all of redemptive history contained in the bible. The sacred material which precedes God’s judgment upon the “serpent” functions as a prologue while the description of the eternal state (after Rev. 20 where the “old serpent” is dispatched) is an epilogue of the redemptive record. So when another allusion to Gen. 3.15 is rediscovered, it is … Continue reading Another Allusion to Gen. 3.15

Culpability, Calvinism, and Classification Here is a post by Steve Hays which reflects some of my thoughts, but, as usual, he says it better.   Denying Christ I. 4-point Calvinists raise a stock objection to limited atonement: How can they be blameworthy for refusing to believe in Jesus if Jesus never died for them or made atonement for them? I. One way 5-point Calvinists respond is to note that … Continue reading Culpability, Calvinism, and Classification