Oxyrhynchus: City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish

[adapted from “Oxyrhynchus” http://www.csad.ox.ac.uk/POxy/mainmenu.htm ]   Once it had walls three miles round, with five or more gates; colonnaded streets, each a mile long, crossing in a central square; a theater with seating for eleven thousand people; a grand temple of Serapis. On the east were quays; on the west, the road led up to the desert and the camel-routes to the Oases and to Libya. … Continue reading Oxyrhynchus: City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish

I Apologize

When we hear the word “apology” today it is always tied to the idea of conceding fault, at least in American vernacular. However, in New Testament times, the word from which we derive “apology” meant virtually the opposite it does today. In Acts 22.1, Paul uses apologia when giving his defense before the king. He is not apologizing in the modern American sense of the word … Continue reading I Apologize