Poignancy Illustrated

Sheila Walsh (The Stream) captures the essence of the Christian walk in the last sentence of her description of orphaned lambs. What a person really believes works its way out in their conduct, it manifests itself. The orphaned lambs knew the shepherd’s care by previous association, they trusted him and so were the first to run to him. We often fail, but Jesus never fails so … Continue reading Poignancy Illustrated

Temporal Distortions: Rome

 http://triablogue.blogspot.com/2016/04/roman-catholicism-distorts-biblical.html Leonardo De Chirico has revised and re-posted an article of his that demonstrates how the Roman Catholic distortion of time plays a major role in its current ecclesiology (which is, as I’ve mentioned, its major selling point in the post Vatican II era). He focuses on two words, two biblical measures of time, “hapax” (“once for all”) and“mallon” (“for evermore”) As Protestants, we believe … Continue reading Temporal Distortions: Rome