King James Only? -Textus Receptus?

Here is an illuminating article which reveals the back story of the few manuscripts cobbled together by the scholar Erasmus which we now have as The Received Text or Textus Receptus. Folks should know the real deficiencies of this collection of manuscripts. We have so many better resources today, lets use all that are available.

March 1, 2016 will mark 500 years since Erasmus published his Greek New Testament. As I mentioned it featured only a few sources. What the article linked to doesn’t mention is that the work could have contained a few more Greek sources had Erasmus waited to include these as they were not in his immediate possession but were available. He however was in a rush to publish before a rival, so these sources are missing from his compilation.

The Vulgate is the Latin translation of Greek (the language the New Testament was written) by Jerome which was used in the Roman Catholic Church. Latin was the common language of the Roman Empire (west) before the Italian language was established.


Source: Church History’s Greatest Myths – Reformation21

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