97 The New Testament Irenaeus used.

Herman Grobler has explained well and demonstrated clearly why today we see differences in manuscripts used to translate the New Testament. A methodological difference is also evident as the scribe of the latter centuries lost many of the Jewish traditions of copying the text.

Bible differences

You should love your enemies

Irenaeus (±135 – 202 A.D.) was a student of Polycarp who had been taught by John the disciple himself. This exceptional man had been the bishop of Lugdunum (Lyons) in Gaul (France) in his later years. The books he wrote, especially Adversus Haereses (Against Heresies) played an important role in the development of the Christian dogma and the interpretation of the New Testament.

He strongly opposed the Gnostic movements of his time, especially Marcion who altered the gospel of Luke to his own fancy and interpretation. In 177 A.D. Irenaeus strongly opposed the Montanists in Rome. The Gnostics claimed to possess a secret oral tradition from Jesus himself. Irenaeus maintained that the bishops in different cities were known as far back as the Apostles. Therefore they provided the only safe interpretation of Scripture. He also emphasized the tradition guarded by the Church.

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