Review: Did Adam Exist? by Vern S Poythress

Originally posted on The Domain for Truth:
? Vern Poythress is quite the Renaissance man; or more appropriately I should say he’s quite the Reformation man. With degrees in Mathematics from Cal Tech and Harvard balanced with a theological degree in apologetics from Westminster and also New Testament studies at Oxford, Poythress over the years have shown himself to be quite a capable scholar when… Continue reading Review: Did Adam Exist? by Vern S Poythress

Gnosticism Today

Good analysis by Brian Mattson on the “Noah Film”: In Darren Aronofsky’s new star-gilt silver screen epic, Noah, Adam and Eve are luminescent and fleshless, right up until the moment they eat the forbidden fruit. Such a notion isn’t found in the Bible, of course. This, among the multitude of Aronofsky’s other imaginative details like giant Lava Monsters, has caused many a reviewer’s head to be … Continue reading Gnosticism Today