The Gospel in South Africa #4: The First Indigenous Minister

What a stirring story! I am thankful to those who stand for the truth and go to new fields. Also, it is great that God reaches out always to save some regardless of cultural differences showing it is His work and not a human cultural phenomenon.

Called. Convicted. Converted.


The following is an excerpt from Dr Kevin Roy’s book “Zion City RSA” with a few alterations, additions and subtractions by me to make it more suitable for the blogging format. For the full bibliography see the bottom of the article

This is the fourth in a series of posts I am doing on pivotal moments for the Gospel in South African history. If you would like to read the first in this series click here

Ntsikana the first Xhosa convert was drawing people from far and wide to hear his preaching. His popularity did not escape the attention of the Xhosa chief, Ngqika who sent one of his foremost counsellors and warriors, Soga, to listen to Ntsikana’s preaching. Soga was deeply impressed and for the rest of his life was extremely sympathetic to the gospel. This impression can be seen in the lives of his children who were mostly converted to Christianity…

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