Bruce Waltke on Psalm 110

Andrew Compton shares Bruce Waltke’s conclusion of the exegesis of Ps. 110:

The Reformed Reader

The festschrift for Richard B. Gaffin, Resurrection and Eschatology: Theology in Service of the Church is a really neat volume filled with several very useful essays.  With festschrifts, the contents are often fairly uneven, but I’ve found this one to be very consistent.

I was reading through Bruce Waltke’s contribution, “Psalm 110: An Exegetical and Canonical Approach,” and thought I’d share his conclusion to a very nice survey of this famous and important Psalm:

Those who support a different candidate from Jesus Christ [as “My Lord” in Psalm 110:1] contend that the New Testament and/or the superscripts in the book of Psalms reinterpret the oracle’s original intention.  In truth, no other candidate than Jesus satisfies the plain sense of the predications of this unified oracle addressed to David’s lord.  Historical critics, not the New Testament, reinterpret the psalm from its plain meaning to fit their dogma.  David’s lord is Daniel’s…

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