Pat Robertson Says God Will Smite the US…

Zwinglius Redivivus

If it forces Israel to give up land to the Palestinians…. Quick question Pat- why does the god you imagine hate the Palestinians so much and only love the Jews?

It’s Pat Robertson again: This time it’s a warning to the US, and specifically Secretary of State John Kerry, that should the US pressure Israel to give up occupied territories in the Mid-East peace plan, God will smite America with natural disasters.

On his latest 700 Club program (see video), the televangelist issued a warning to the Obama administration not to continue on the path of folly by forcing God’s “chosen nation,” Israel, to withdraw from the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem.

According to Robertson “from a prophetic stands point, every time the United States gets involved in some kind of a pressure on Israel to split their land there’s some natural disaster that happens here in America.”

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