More Proof That the Huffington Post is Just Stupid

Zwinglius Redivivus

The royal prince is barely a day old, but already lefties are crossing their fingers in hopes that he’s gay.

Huffington Post hyped what may be the dumbest polling ever this morning – a survey claiming that a majority of Brits would react favorably if the son born yesterday to Prince William and Kate Middleton would come out as a homosexual in the future. The survey was conducted by the “lesbian, gay, and bisexual advocacy group Stonewall” (because, of course, they’d have an unbiased and objective viewpoint).

Yet even the results of the survey are questionable if used to tout supposed public sentiment towards gays. The survey reported that 83 percent of those interviewed would be “very comfortable, comfortable, or neutral” if the little prince was gay; but neutral is a far cry from “overwhelmingly supportive” or even “happy.”

Meanwhile, no one seemed to notice that, if he’s gay, then…

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Author: squeaky2

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