Simcha Didn’t Want the Journalist to Cover the Trial of Joe Zias

Zwinglius Redivivus

Daniel Estrin is covering the trial of Joe Zias, who is being sued by Simcha Jacobovici, and Daniel writes (emphasis mine)

There’s a dark underbelly to the world of biblical archaeology in Israel. The latest saga involves an Israeli-Canadian filmmaker, host of a TV series called the Naked Archaeologist, who believes he may have found the tomb of Jesus, the nails of the cross, and a smattering of other finds.  A retired curator in Israel’s government antiquities department says the filmmaker’s claims and his methods are one big moneymaking scam. The filmmaker says that’s libel, and he’s suing him for $1 million.  The filmmaker did not want me at his trial.  After I met him outside the courtroom last week and told him I would be covering the case, his lawyer filed a motion to hold the hearing behind closed doors. The judge overruled the motion…

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