Jews and Christians: Coming to faith

Good thoughts and refutations by Bography. The comparison between Moses and Paul in their callings is spot on.

OneDaring Jew

On the RoshPinaProject Messianic Jewish site appears a report on Eddie Beckford, a Christian missionary in Israel, who was found guilty of attacking a group of (Jewish) anti-missionaries. The Messianic Jews (followers of Jesus/Yeshua) defended Beckford while the Jewish camp said he’d got his just desserts. Nothing – predictably – was resolved. Most people, naturally (because that is human nature), have fixed views, where no argument, no matter how clear, is going to persuade. I said most people; there are, though, a minority who – upon hearing a different view, even an opposing view – change. There’s also no lack of pride and prejudice in the human soul.

Although I hadn’t read anything on the Beckworth affair, I added – as is my wont – my titbit to the conversation, because like Lady Catherine de Burgh in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, “I must have my share.”

I quoted Stuart…

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One thought on “Jews and Christians: Coming to faith”

  1. Very helpful article. I liked the statement “for those who (want to) believe, no proof is necessary and for those who don’t (want to) believe, no proof is possible.”

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