Cylinder Seals of Mesopotamia

Admittedly, most of the thousands of extant seals do not refer to biblical truths. Some do reflect the historical truth however and this is another way God kept the hope of a Savior alive in human hearts. God did not have to save any, instead He demonstrated His great love by Christ dying an excruciating death on the cross for all mankind if they would receive His gift of life.

Due to the nature of these seals being very hard material, they more easily survive burial and are small enough to be undamaged by layers of debris. Here are some more seals and modern impressions from them in a personal picture from the Allard Pierson Museum of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Author: Alex the Less

My education: BA (Bible), M.Div, BBA (HRM). Also, I have been a professional carpenter for about 25 years. Now retired, I have more time to study the bible and write about it.

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